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mystic writing shamama
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words aren't enough to really say who a person is. my writing has captured much of this already. there i have laid it all out... need, torment, loneliness... it is the darker part of me.

but i am also a romantic, will always be, and for that reason i tend to pen romances. it's as therapeutic as it is fulfilling for me, and i don't see how i could ever stop romancing the world into being.

i've been writing and posting since 2008 and there isn't much in my gallery i've kept from dA view. looking back on the older works, it amazes me how much time and practice (and experience!) can help an artist grow. i used to be bent on updating my earlier works to conform with these changes, but no so much anymore. i kind of like knowing how much i've grown.

my favorite focus is darkness, our own inner darkness. we so often run from what we fear, but i try to pull the reader into seeing their own taboo desires and shortcomings through eroticism and pain. darkness has so much to teach us... it is the only way we can truly know our own light...

i'm not just a writer, but a medium, a healer, a paranormal investigator, a witch in training, a mystic, a lover of nature, and seeker of music in any form i can get it... oh, and somewhere in there i'm a wife and mom too.

and some days, i'm just me.

thanks for stopping by and enjoying a small part of that.

blessings! <3
'tis the night of the pagan new year. hands down, this is my favorite holiday. not because the darkness associated with all hallow's eve (although the thought of werewolves lurking behind every corner does bring a certain chill over my skin), but because of the time for honoring what is dead: our ancestors... aspects of our lives... aspects of our selves. whether we label them as 'good' or 'bad', every being and energy that has come and passed from our experience has served to bring us further toward self realization. honoring these pieces of our lives honors all things--including our own inner light. all things must die. like the trees each autumn, the leaves surrounding us must fall away into nothingness so that we may grow stronger. tonight, i give a blessing to all your energies that have passed from what is seen to what is unseen. and give you the ho'oponopono prayer of release, so that your leaves can fall freely. shed but never forgotten...

i love you... i'm sorry... please forgive me... thank you...

namaste and blessed be you all!

Samhain by RavenMoonDesigns

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Booky-TrueIdentities Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Not sure how often you come on here anymore, but i do miss your writing and have hope that one day the unfinished stories will be finished :) Lili's Weekend is one of my favorites :)
InsatiableAddict Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Happy Birthday!
JamesSnaith Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Welcome back!
Kira73 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
hey, thanks! good to hear from you again. hope all is well! :)
JamesSnaith Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Very well thank you - good to see you back. Understand why you needed the time away, and you know? I think it's helped you rediscover why you wrote in the first place. Welcome home - there's always a seat at the table for you, know matter how far you travel.
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