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March 14, 2008
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Night Duty - Chapter 3


That night Ming dreamed of Blue Eyes.

His hands touched her everywhere. They brushed across her pebbled nipples, teasing and pinching her hardened flesh through the thin material of her uniform. At the same time they skimmed along her stomach, his fingertips a whisper of a caress over her bare skin. They dipped under the waistband of her shorts to tangle in her V of curls, coming agonizingly close to her throbbing clit but not close enough. Another hand slid down the back of her shorts, delving between her ass cheeks and lower, again stopping short of its target.

Ming rocked her hips between his hands in wordless invitation to go further, but they didn't submit and withdrew. The sudden loss tore a whimper from her throat. As if in apology, his hands began to stroke her thighs. Her shoulder. Her hip. Her neck. His touches seemed to encompass her entire body at once, opening up a chasm of need inside her deeper than she thought herself capable of. And she wanted him to fill it. All of it.

"Please," she heard herself saying in a husky timbre she barely recognized.

"Please what, Ming?" Despite the steel rod of flesh branding her backside, Blue Eyes' whisper came from in front of her.  

"I want... I need..." But even in her dreams, she couldn't find the words to say what she wanted.  

"Tell me." Hot breaths swept across her face. "What do you need?"

"More, please. Just... more."

"More of this?" Blue Eyes' hands snaked beneath her shirt and latched onto her nipples, rolling each between a thumb and forefinger with enough pressure to make her hips arch out.

"Oh, Agni," was all she could mutter as he continued to twist and flick her over-sensitive flesh. The sensations felt too good--too real--to be a dream, but she kept her eyes closed in fear that if she opened them, those fingers would disappear.

"Or maybe you need more of this," another, rougher voice said as a third hand moved down the back of her shorts again, this time not stopping.

Ming cried out in a mixture of ecstasy and surprise, not only at the finger that slipped inside her wet pussy, or at the hands lifting her shirt to expose her nipples to be covered by a hungry mouth, but at the realization that this definitely wasn't a dream--and that there was not one, but two men pleasuring her.

Opening her eyes, Ming peeked over her shoulder at the mystery man. She caught a glimpse of raven-black hair and fathomless indigo eyes before his mouth crashed down on hers, and then he was kissing her. Oh, was this man kissing her.

His tongue slid between her parted lips without preamble, capturing every last inch of her mouth. His skilled tongue thrust in time with his finger, the combination too much for her sleep-fogged mind to process. All she could manage was a feeble moan.

Ming knew who he was. The scarred tribesman who'd brought the rice and water. The same one who'd watched her as she drifted off to sleep. She remembered him being dark and more than imposing, his muscles lean and impressive. And judging by the hard length thrusting into her backside, muscles weren't the only impressive thing about this man.

When she'd thought all this to be a dream, Ming had welcomed this darker man's hands on her, believing them to be an extension of Blue Eyes. But now that she knew she was awake, morals took over.

"Stop," she protested against his mouth. "You have to stop."

The darker one pulled away with a drawn out suck to her lower lip. "Is something wrong, my lady?"

Wrong? Everything about this is wrong!

Then why does this feel so right?

"I... I don't understand." Her gaze shifted back to Blue Eyes. His mouth abandoned her breasts, leaving them cold and bereft. "What are you doing?"

Not the brightest question she could've posed, but at the moment higher brain function had taken a leave of absence.

"We're loving you, Ming." Punctuating his point, Blue Eyes traced her nipples with the pads of his thumbs, sending a tingling heat throughout her body.

"Making you come," Dark One added in a gruff whisper.

A breath hitched in her throat at his choice of words, but she managed to keep from moving into either of them. What was left of her brain silently thanked Agni for the ropes still binding her. Otherwise her hands would be reaching out for him, for them both, begging for them to finish what they'd started.

"But... why? I don't see what two men could get out sharing one woman," she countered. She'd heard of wealthy noblemen keeping numerous mistresses for their needs, and even the Fire Lord was know to possess a harem of young females. But never the reverse. At least, not in the Fire Nation.

"Never took you for slow, my lady," Dark One said as his hand trailed a caress from her shoulder, down her arm to her hip, then back up again. "This isn't about us."

"It's Ming," she corrected, because right now--being sandwiched between two huge, virile men with her shirt yanked up--she felt like no lady.

"Ming, then." Laughter swept over the back of her neck. "We're doing this for you."


"But nothing," Blue Eyes interrupted. "After what that man did to you, you deserve this. Your heart doubly cherished." He dipped his head and brushed a light kiss over her left breast. "Your body doubly worshiped." He trailed more kisses down that same breast and over her nipple, flicking it twice with his tongue before taking it into his mouth for a brief suck. At the same time his hand moved down between her legs, one finger pressing against her clit through her pants.

Her hips rolled into his touch, not caring about objections. "But I don't... I mean, I shouldn't..."

"No, you should and do deserve pleasure," Blue Eyes explained in a matter-of-fact tone as his finger slowly began to circle over her swollen nub.

"But... but there's two of you. This is wrong," she argued, though she wasn't sure if it was with herself or the warriors. "It has to be."

Dark One's hand trailed down the back of her shorts again, this time sliding two fingers into her wetness. "Does this feel wrong?"

Ming drew in a loud gasp. "Ah, no, but... but..." She ran out of excuses as both their hands began to move in tandem. "You two... oh, Agni... you really don't play fair."

"So we've been told." Blue Eyes chuckled. "Where we're from, females are rare. So rare that a man considers having one in his bed the most priceless of treasures. We have no choice but to guard them fiercely to keep her protected. It's not uncommon for two--or more--men to share a female to do so. To us, this is not wrong. It's how we live. How we've always lived." He leaned closer, his lips skimming over the shell of her ear. "But even if it wasn't, my friend and I still want you, Ming, and we're willing to share you to have you. I felt how damned wet you were. Deny this all you want, but I know you desire to have us inside you, maybe even at the same time. So I'll accept no more buts."

"Unless you want that, too," Dark One added as his fingers left her channel and pushed on her rear entrance, not hard enough to go inside her, but still enough to feel incredible.

And enough for her mouth to blurt an answer.

"Yes... yes, I want this. Both of you. But..." Ming glanced back at Dark One and smiled, a blush rising to her cheeks. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this. "I want to be untied. I want to touch you like you're touching me."

Both men growled as two erections pressed into either side of her. What was she getting herself into?

"Can we trust you, Ming?" Blue Eyes asked, his face turning serious.

Unexpected hurt shot through her. "You think I'm agreeing only to try to get away? What about that women were precious bit? Or was that just a--"

Blue Eyes' large hands framed her cheeks, his mouth covering hers. Like his friend, his tongue didn't test the waters but dove right in for a full-bodied kiss that managed to turn every cell in her body inside out. When she remembered to breathe, the first inhale brought his outdoorsy scent into her lungs. Again she wondered how a prisoner could manage to smell so good. Taste even better.

Blue Eyes pulled away abruptly. "What I meant was that neither of us has been with a woman in a long time. We might be a little... demanding. If we happen to scare you, you need to tell us, not fight us." A smile curled his lips. "Neither of us wants to be bar-b-qued for our lusts."

"Demanding?" was all she could utter.

Dark One nuzzled his lips against her neck. "We won't hurt you, my lady."

"We'll promise you a night you'll never forget," Blue Eyes went on. "But you need to promise to forget about what we are. And what you are."

Ming swallowed hard. He wasn't only asking for her to forget they were her prisoners, he was asking for her to disregard that they were her enemy--and in return they would do the same. When these ropes came off, they would be equals. Just two men and a woman.

They would be lovers.

But only for this one night, Ming reminded herself. Come tomorrow morning, she'd never see them again.

She pushed the sappy thought aside. This was sure to be a night of something she'd likely never experience again--pure, unfettered pleasure given by two men who definitely knew their way around a woman. And no one outside this hold would know about it. No one would judge her.

She could actually do something for herself.

For once, Ming didn't have to worry about the consequences of her actions or what the future might hold. And it felt good. Damned good. "You can trust me."

Dark One perked up at Ming's acquiescence, wasting no time. He shifted to untie on the rope around her ankles, while Blue Eyes started on the one holding her arms to her waist.

"I swear the jackass who tied these bend knots must not have seen a day at sea in his life. I could tie a better one shit-faced on vodka," Blue Eyes commented as he made quick work of the ropes.

"I have tied better knots shit-faced on vodka," his friend answered, unraveling the bindings around her legs with ease.

Ming didn't care what kind of knots they were, how badly they were executed, or what state of intoxication they'd been tied in. She just wanted them off so these two men could continue what they were doing. It felt like forever had passed when the ropes were finally untangled from her limbs and tossed aside.

She stretched her arms and legs, her muscles rejoicing in being able to move again after two days of disuse. Both men backed away, the caution in their expressions making her feel like a long-caged animal at last set free. Though she'd given them her promise of trust and intended to keep it, they still anticipated her to attack.

Well, that wouldn't do. Ming pushed herself up to sit and reached for the hem of her shirt. She arched her back and carefully eased it over her head to keep from disturbing her burn wound. The move also had an effect on the men, judging from the gasps she heard. The praise spurred her on.

Throwing her shirt aside, she reached up to her Fire Nation uniform headband, removed it from her hair, and tossed it to the floor. Her fingers then went to the leather tie binding her ponytail. She yanked it out and shook her tangled tresses, letting some of them fall over her shoulders and onto her naked breasts. She barely winced at the flare of pain when some of her hair touched her burn wound, the empty ache between her legs much greater.

"Fuck," one of the men uttered.

A reminder of what was soon to come.

Goose flesh skittered over her bared skin. She couldn't believe she was doing this. Ming had never attempted to seduce a man in her life, much less two at the same time.

But the way the warriors stared at her, like she was the sexiest female on the planet, empowered her like never before. The sultry voice that came out didn't belong to her, but to a vixen. "Then what are we waiting for?"

It ripped the men from their trance. With sexy grins on their tanned faces and even sexier bulges in their pants, they started on her boots, Blue Eyes taking her right foot and Dark One taking her left. Without a word, they drew them off and tossed them over their shoulders. The resounding thuds on the metal floor cut the eerie silence, which Ming hadn't noticed until now.

No snores.

Wait... men always snored, right?

Glancing around, she found out why the hold was so quiet, as if it were holding one collective breath. In the faint glow of the torch lights she noted that while some of the prisoners were sleeping, many more were awake, eyes glued to what she, Blue Eyes, and Dark One were doing.

The vixen fled into her hole.

"They're watching us," she whispered uneasily as the men removed her socks.

"Indeed, they are." Blue Eyes tossed her sock away and moved to her side. His fingers plucked at her nipple again, rolling it with delicious pressure. "Nervous? Or turned on?"

Both, Ming wanted to say, but that voice in her head stopped her again. Now this... this was wrong, to have all these men watch her engage in such an intimate act. Agni, she might as well be doing this right on Fire Lord Ozai's front doorstep during the Summer Solstice Celebration.

Then why was she shoving her breast into Blue Eyes' hand instead of covering herself? Why was she lifting her foot so Dark One could uncover her more? Why was she even having this debate in the first place?

"All you have to do is say no, my lady," Dark One said as he moved to her other side. "And we'll stop."

"Do you want us to stop?" Blue Eyes asked.

Ming took another look around the hold, taking in the jumble of stares they'd earned. Some of them were eager, others curious, and a few even seemed... envious. Like they wanted a piece of the treasure. Like they wanted to be the ones stripping off her clothing piece by piece. Kissing her. Touching her.

That revelation empowered her even more. And it's not like the prisoners hadn't already seen her naked.

Ming gave her answer before she lost her nerve. "No." Self-preservation abruptly reared its head, forcing her to add, "I mean, it's not like I do this sort of thing all the time."

Try never. Her meager sex life could be summed up by a handful of clumsy explorations in the dark--nothing to write home about and certainly nothing she couldn't live without. In all fairness, Ming didn't place blame for the lack of passion entirely on the men. She'd been so uneasy about baring her less-than-perfect body that she'd insisted the room remain unlit. Not even the crickets had gotten a show. Not that the men had cared. They'd rutted and moved on.

Now she had an audience of dozens who seemed more than eager to simply... watch.

"Are you sure? Because after these come off..." Blue Eyes' hand trailed to the hem of her shorts. "It's going to be a lot harder for us to stop."

The hunger in his eyes reflected his words, and was the icing on the cake. "If this is going to be a part of the night you promised me, then I'll take it."

Dark One grinned and swept a brief kiss over her lips. "We'll make you forget anyone else is in here with us, my lady."

"Ming," she muttered as four hands latched onto the waists of both her pants and underwear.

Cool air skimmed over her hips as the men peeled off the rest of her clothes. Ming squeezed her eyes shut. She knew she wasn't as attractive as some of her other, thinner co-workers. Her breasts were a tad too large for her taste, her waist had seen too many of her mother's famous spice cakes, and her legs... well, they could borrow those few inches from her stomach. Her flaws on public display, doubt flooded in. She drew her knees to her chest.

"Why are you covering yourself?" Blue Eyes' voice soothed as a hand came to rest on her bent knee. "Your body is beautiful."

"Damn beautiful," Dark One added, his hand gently rubbing her other knee. "Now open your eyes. See what you're doing to us."

Unable to resist his command, Ming did as he asked and gasped. Both men had undone their pants and taken out their cocks. Sapphire and amethyst gazes smoldered over her naked skin as the men fisted their rigid lengths... and began to move..

From working around prisoners for the past five years, Ming had seen her share of men's penises, but never any quite so huge. Of course, these were the first water tribe men she'd met. For all she knew, they all came as well-endowed as these two.

Blue Eyes' thick, uncut shaft jutted proudly from a dark thatch of hair, leaking a river of pre-cum as it slid through his hand, slicking up his smooth skin. Dark One's cock was not as broad as his friend's but much longer, its purple mushroom head curved slightly at the tip. A squeak of unease rose in her throat.

They want to put those inside me.

Her attention bounced from one impressive cock to the other, fascinated by the rough strokes the men delivered. She didn't notice their other hands had slipped between her legs and parted them, not until her spread knees blocked her view.

"More than beautiful," Blue Eyes growled as he stared at her open sex. "Fucking perfect."

Okay. She was sold. "Then touch me."

Dark One winked as he lowered his lips to her left breast. "As you wish, my lady."

Her laugh at his purposeful use of the name quickly morphed into a sigh of pleasure as his mouth closed over her left nipple. Still, she managed to breathe, "Ming."

She felt his lips form a grin against her skin. "Ming."

Blue Eyes mouth joined in, sucking her right breast into the wet heat of his mouth. His teeth gently bit down on her nipple as he flicked the tip with his tongue, while Dark One's tongue alternated between lazy swirls and hard suckles.

Ming leaned back, letting her arms brace the weight of her upper body, the visual feast as incredible as the tactile. The warriors ate her breasts as if they were the sweetest dessert, as if had been forever since they'd tasted a woman's flesh. She didn't think the sensation of two mouths at once could possibly get any better, but when the men's hands simultaneously slid between her thighs, she was proven wrong.

At first their touches were fleeting and gentle. Almost too gentle. After trailing their fingers through the sensitive crease of her thigh, the men took turns teasing her outer lips, dipping their fingertips in to barely graze her clit. Not nearly enough.

When she whimpered, their fingers moved in further, only to trace figure eights around her clit and pussy entrance until she thought she go mad. "The damn treasure is tired of getting played with."

Dark One chuckled against her breast. "Hmm... don't think she likes this game."

Blue Eyes gave her nipple a thorough suck, then pulled away long enough to say, "I don't think she does, either."

Ming opened her mouth to protest when two fingers speared her core. "Oh, fuck," is what came out instead as another two pressed against her clit. She had no idea whose fingers belonged to who as they attacked her with a determined rhythm.

"Better?" Blue Eyes asked.  

"Yes, oh yes."

"Then come for us, my lady."

Ming allowed the men spread her wider, holding her captive as their mouths recaptured her nipples. Her body submitted into pliancy, every nerve ending she possessed coiled tight, towing her body towards release. The scent of her juices mingled with the scent of sweat and man, filling her lungs with every breath, robbing her mind of all thought.

The fingers inside her seemed to know she was close. They pounded harder and faster, curling with each skilled stroke to hit the sweet spot at her core.

"Oh," was all she could articulate at the change because then she was coming, and coming hard.

Dimly, her brain registered the cry echoing in the hold as hers as she exploded into so many pieces, she didn't know how she'd ever be the same. Or if any orgasm after this could ever compare. Through it all, their fingers continued their assault, flicking her clit and thrusting into her pulsing channel, accompanying her the entire way as she floated down from ecstasy.

"Spirits, that was incredible," Dark One muttered in a voice choked with lust.

Ming opened her eyes to see him pulling his fingers from her reddened pussy lips. Heart pounding and head still spinning, all she could do was nod.

And she had a feeling her evening was far from over. If just one orgasm from these two was enough to turn her into a mindless lump, how in Agni was she going to survive the night?

Blue Eyes solidified the notion when he grabbed Dark One's hand and sucked the fingers his friend had just pleasured her with into his mouth, licking them clean. He let Dark One's digits go with a pop and grinned. "Mmm... delicious, but I think I'd rather taste it right from the source.

Dark One added his own devious smile to the mix. "Ready for round two, my lady?"

"Round two?"

It was official.

She was going to be dead by morning.

Updated 9/19/10 - More polishy biz.

Updated 12/17/09 - Just a bit of polishing and I combined chaps 3 and 4.

Updated 7/26/09 - Just a little something. A total rewrite of what was there before. It's going to be a long night for 'poor' Ming.




I DO NOT own any AtLA...if I did, it wouldn't be a kid's show anymore...:evillaugh:
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Nothing pubbed yet. It's in the cards someday, but I'm not going to push myself. I've seen many authors (here and in a few of my crit groups) burn out because they're working too hard to get pubbed.
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I'm not sure why I haven't commented on this before when I read it last, but this is a very well written and sultry scene. Lucky girl.
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